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Our Story

Founded by pilot and flight instructor Elad Segal, NW Wings Aviation provides hands-on instruction to students nationwide studying to become pilots. Whether your goal is to achieve your private pilot's license or to become a commercial pilot for a major airline, NW Wings Aviation has all the courses you need to achieve your dreams of flight. Furthermore, our relationships in the industry have enabled us to create our Flight Mentorship Program.


Our mentorship program matches our students with a team member who is a leading edge pilot who is actively working in the field and bringing their knowledge back to us. Your mentor can provide some guidance as you navigate your training and if applicable your career in the aviation industry.

Our Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) are committed to providing top-tier technical and experiential education, training and resources so that our students will thrive in this competitive industry whether flying professionally or as a hobby. 

In addition to a CFI for you Flight Training you will also have access to our Flight Mentorship Program.

With flexible program options and industry-leading instructors, NW Wings Aviation can get you where you need to go! 

Meet the Team
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