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Flight Training

Private Pilot Certificate

NW Wings Aviation is a Part 61 flight school allowing for a more flexible schedule and customized training to meet the student needs yet still being fulling prepared for testing.  This flexibility makes it the perfect choice for busy high school or college students as well as business professionals. We also provide pay-as-you go  so there is no large up front cost to get started with us.

All of our CFIs will work from the same syllabus developed by NW Wings Aviation. This syllabus was developed with consideration of our local weather. In most cases, you will work with two CFIs, one who leads the training and the other available as needed.

Located at Hillsboro Airport, your flight training will take place in either a Cessna 152 or 172 which are both excellent for flight training. If you have your own aircraft then we are happy to use it instead.

To achieve your private pilot certificate you will need to:

  • Be at least 17 years of age

  • The average completion time is 60 hours but you must complete a minimum 40 hours of practical flight training, including

    • ​At least 20 hours with an instructor.

    • At least 3 hours at night, including takeoffs, landings, and flying at least 50 miles away and back.

    • At least 3 hours just by reference to your instruments, to prepare for low visibility conditions.

    • At least 10 hours solo with your instructor supervising from the ground, including flying at least 50 miles away and back.

  • Pass an FAA written exam, You must take this test in person at a testing center.

  • Pass a flight physical from an FAA approved doctor

  • Pass an FAA "Checkride". This test is typically a 3-4 hours long, with a 90 minute oral portion, a preflight portion, and 1.5-2 hour flight portion.


Elad teaches aviation thoroughly at a pace that suited me. He adapted well to the limitations of my plane and my aptitude, and he stuck with me until the ifr goal was acheived. I recommend him as a highly qualified and hard working cfi/cfii.


As someone who studied with multiple flight instructors, Elad with NW Wings Aviation was my best instructor. He is very professional and cares a lot about his students! Flying can be very stressful but he made a world of difference for me in any area of flying! I Would highly recommend flying with Elad Segal if you're interested in becoming a Pilot!


What a great experience getting to fly over the city and our neighborhood, and even got to take control of the plane as "pilot of the day". Our pilot was fantastic and explained everything in detail while reassuring my wife throughout (I didn't need it:)...I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get out and live a little!

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