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Exclusive Services

At NW Wings Aviation, we take safety seriously. We are proud that our aircraft exceed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air worthiness certification requirements. Our fleet is safe, reliable and easy to operate so that you can enjoy learning to fly or renting aircraft from us! 
Rental Details Below.


Cessna 152


Cessna 152


make/model- Cessna 152

Engine- Aveco Lycoming 108 BHP

Max weight-1670lb

Flight rules- VFR

Rental - $132/hour


Cessna 172


make/model- Cessna 172B

Engine- Aveco Lycoming 160 BHP

Max weight-2400lb

Flight rules- VFR/IFR

Rental - $162/hour


make/model- Cessna 152

Engine- Aveco Lycoming 108 BHP

Max weight-1670lb

Flight rules- VFR

Rental - $132/hour

new cessna.jpg

Diamond DA-42

make/model- Diamond DA-42 

Engine- Two Austro E4-B 165 BHP

Max weight-4189lb

Flight rules- VFR/IFR
Air Conditioned
Limited number of students per year


Rental Requirements

  1. Bring with you:
    FAA Issued Current Pilot Certificate 
    Current Picture ID (Passport or US Drivers License)
    FAA Issued Current Medical

  2. Signed Rental Agreement Completed at time of rental

  3. Check-out flight and ground overview by a NWWA Wings Aviation Instructor

Rental Rates Info

  1. Rates include plane, fuel, and oil

  2. Rates based on Hobbs time rounded up to tenth of an hour

  3. Renter's insurance is required

  4. Fuel surcharge possible due to unpredictable fuel price increases.

  5. No Taxes


Elad teaches aviation thoroughly at a pace that suited me. He adapted well to the limitations of my plane and my aptitude, and he stuck with me until the ifr goal was acheived. I recommend him as a highly qualified and hard working cfi/cfii.


As someone who studied with multiple flight instructors, Elad with NW Wings Aviation was my best instructor. He is very professional and cares a lot about his students! Flying can be very stressful but he made a world of difference for me in any area of flying! I Would highly recommend flying with Elad Segal if you're interested in becoming a Pilot!


What a great experience getting to fly over the city and our neighborhood, and even got to take control of the plane as "pilot of the day". Our pilot was fantastic and explained everything in detail while reassuring my wife throughout (I didn't need it:)...I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get out and live a little!

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