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Pilot for a Day

 Give yourself the gift of pilot for a day!

Ever dreamed of what it’s like to be in the pilot’s seat? As pilot for a day we will make your dream a reality as you take the pilot's seat and soar through the sky with a trained pilot to guide you along the way. You will take the controls for your introduction to flying!

More Info

  • Pre-flight briefing to post-flight debriefing will be up to  1 1/2 hours and roughly 40 minutes aircraft time.

  • Flight date depends on weather conditions.

  • Number of passengers is restricted by aircraft weight capacity and seating availability.


"We are thrilled with Romaham's commitment and enthusiasm! Can't wait to celebrate his completion of his Private Pilot License this Summer!"                                                                             NW Wings Aviation


"Thank you for this amazing experience that inspired me to jump right into working on my private pilot license goals."                                   Romaham                                                                                                                 



Elad teaches aviation thoroughly at a pace that suited me. He adapted well to the limitations of my plane and my aptitude, and he stuck with me until the ifr goal was acheived. I recommend him as a highly qualified and hard working cfi/cfii.


As someone who studied with multiple flight instructors, Elad with NW Wings Aviation was my best instructor. He is very professional and cares a lot about his students! Flying can be very stressful but he made a world of difference for me in any area of flying! I Would highly recommend flying with Elad Segal if you're interested in becoming a Pilot!


We had a great time yesterday during the flight. The weather was brilliant and Elad is a great instructor.

Thank you for all the help over the past weeks in making this happen - I don’t think Shilpa will forget her 30th birthday gift! :)

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