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The first web-based ground training with live instructors to answer your questions.

Learn about aeronautics, regulations, and ground safety from top industry experts.

Our ground training courses are designed to do more than just help you pass an exam. Our goal is to equip you with sound knowledge about aviation, so you can go on to be a great pilot.


That's why instead of watching pre-recorded videos, you'll learn from industry-leading professionals in a live online setting, where you can ask questions in real-time and forge connections with your peers and instructors.

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Ground Training is an important course for pilots at all levels to master. That's why NW Wings Aviation offers three different Ground Training courses, each one tailored to the certificate you hope to achieve.

Image by Nicolas Peyrol

In our Ground Training for Private Pilots Course, you'll learn essential information about aircraft systems and mechanics, navigation, weather charts, airport operations, and much more.

Image by Cédric Dhaenens

In our Instrument Training Course, you will learn how to fly with confidence in low visibility, using only your instruments.

Image by Josiah Farrow

Our Ground Training for Commercial Pilots Course includes all the important information from the Private Pilots Course, as additional training about important commercial maneuvers and regulations.


Elad teaches aviation thoroughly at a pace that suited me. He adapted well to the limitations of my plane and my aptitude, and he stuck with me until the ifr goal was acheived. I recommend him as a highly qualified and hard working cfi/cfii.


As someone who studied with multiple flight instructors, Elad with NW Wings Aviation was my best instructor. He is very professional and cares a lot about his students! Flying can be very stressful but he made a world of difference for me in any area of flying! I Would highly recommend flying with Elad Segal if you're interested in becoming a Pilot!


What a great experience getting to fly over the city and our neighborhood, and even got to take control of the plane as "pilot of the day". Our pilot was fantastic and explained everything in detail while reassuring my wife throughout (I didn't need it:)...I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get out and live a little!

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