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Local High School Senior Turns Her Aviation Dreams into Reality

Abigail Minch

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

NW Wings Aviation

“I think my favorite part about flying and being a pilot is the freedom that it gives in being able to see the world from such a unique perspective, and just how much fun it is. It's so much fun to fly to see the world from above. And it's so beautiful.”

18-year-old student pilot, Ava Lorenz, can pinpoint the exact moment the “pilot bug bit” and she knew she wanted to fly. 

While visiting the Oahu, Hawaii coast in 2021, Lorenz watched as loud F-22 fighter jets flew past her in formation.

“That’s when it hit me,” Lorenz said, “I was like, wow this is pretty cool. I want to do that too.”

While still a busy high school student, Lorenz started working towards her goal in the summer of 2023 by starting flight and ground training lessons with NW Wings Aviation. 

Lorenz says that working towards her Private Pilot License can be overwhelming at times, but the idea of aviation is worth it.

“The feeling of knowing that I'm flying and the realization I'm learning how to fly planes is incredibly rewarding and a really cool experience,” Lorenz said.

Through the challenge of balancing both flight school and high school, she has been able to learn time management and how to study on her own. Lorenz believes that this has made her  a stronger person and stronger pilot. 

A senior in high school, Lorenz, recently committed to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and is looking forward to their flight program. She will be majoring in Aeronautical Science starting in the fall. 

“I wanted to go to Embry Riddle because the experience of flying with this university was something that I thought was really unique and really interesting,” she said.

Before making her decision, Lorenz was able to visit the university’s campus in Arizona and participate in a summer flying program.

Lorenz flew cross country during the program and flew over the Grand Canyon creating her favorite memory of flying. She says it was the most incredible and beautiful flight she has done. 

The program solidified the decision to attend Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. 

Ava Lorenz will soon earn her Private Pilot License with NW Wings Aviation and continues pursuing her dreams inspired from that moment she witnessed the F-22 fighter jets flying in Hawaii.

Lorenz is also continuing with her passion for aviation by helping with NW Wings Aviation’s children's summer camp. For more information on the camp reach out to Abigail at 

Thank you to Ava Lorenz for sharing her story and we wish her the best of luck at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University!


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